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To find lump in my charcoal!!  dumped a couple bags into a container trying to find ANY lumps in there... No such luck with the Royal Oak, not nary a lump in the bag, the biggest pieces were not even briquette sized.. very disappointing! The bag of B&B did have some at the bottom of the bag at least. MAN I hate to have to pay 25 bucks for a bag of the Kamado Joe Big Lump , I'd be afraid to open it up and see whats in there!


Getting ready to cook my first brisket tomorrow and wanted a good pile of good charcoal in there.. had to hand pick but I think its ok, we will see if it lasts as long as the cook!





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Kamado Joe big block is expensive but you wont be disappointed in the sizes. Ive used Kamado Joe Big Block, Atlanta Grill Company Charcoal and Royal Oak. To be honest I main Atlanta Grill Company the chunks arent as giant as Kamado Joe but there light years better then Royal Oak. I only use Royal Oak when I need charcoal right now and didnt plan ahead and order Atlanta Grill Company coal. 

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I just moved from Ohio to Texas and bought a bag of B&B and the pieces were massive.  I'm wondering if its produced closer to where I am now so the chunks don't break during shipping or if I just got lucky.  I had bought some when I lived in Ohio as well but those bags were nothing like the jackpot I hit with this one.

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Ok, so I think I will just toss that bag of Royal Oak and consider it a lesson and a loss.. no more Royal Oak for me I think. I was at Wall Mart yesterday and saw this Expert Grill bag, so I groped it a bit and it seemed pretty good so I bought a bag.. so far its a hit. nice big chunks along with some smalls. Testing it now on a rack of pork ribs, we'll see how it does.







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