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Velveting meat???

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14 hours ago, Ben S said:

Has anyone tried the technique of “velveting “ tougher cuts of pork with baking soda water such as in this video? 

I have been around for a while and this is a new one to me.  I have either missed something or this is a bad idea… 

Never heard of it or tried it but a quick search tells me it's a thing in Chinese cooking.  Seems there are various techniques,  traditional velveting is a quick blanch or dip in hot oil.


I'd try it, those spare ribs looked great.  I'm wondering if this might help with making chopped and formed lunch cuts.

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I've only heard of baking soda in connection with promoting a crisp exterior on chicken, brisket bark, etc.




btw, hey @Ben S. I made my first attempt to hone my Shun today- nervous as heck. Not sure I actually sharpened anything but at least I didn't marr the edge of finish... :-D


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Interesting. I've heard of using baking powder (and corn starch) to help crisp up chicken skin but not baking soda. That said I've seen soda used to raise the pH of a food so that the food browns better; it helps the Maillard reaction.   

ETA: Found this video from ATK:



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