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Another Happy KJ Owner


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Well,  the ceramic ring at the bottom of my Big Joe II cracked in two places.  I filed a claim in April on the ceramic ring and for some reason I received 

the metal top ring for a Classic.  I got in touch with them and got it all figured out.  The ceramic ceramic ring on backorder about a month out.  I told them

I really appreciated the metal top ring as I could use one as mine is all warped.  I said I would purchase one.  KJ said no worries, we will ship you

a new one for you Big Joe II under warranty. SWEEET!  I got it about 2 weeks ago.


The ceramic bottom ring was supposed to be here by May 4th.  From experience I am figuring June 4th.  Not a bid deal.  Well, I emailed today

to do a little follow up to make sure I had not been forgotten and now it looks like a mid July ship date.  Guess what?  For my trouble, they gave me a choice

of a soap or pizza stone for free.  That was a no brainer.  Soapstone is on its way.


I am amazed at  how I am being treated.  Oh, if you don't have a soapstone, you don't know how good a steak can taste.


So many times bad things get brought to our attention.  Just wanted you guys to know about this good thing.



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