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DoJoe Steel vs. Stone

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Hello! Any experience or thoughts about using a baking steel in the DoJoe vs. the included stone? Looking at 1/2” btw. 


I’m wondering if the steel wouldn’t get too hot in order to have the 600+ dome temps to cook the toppings right. Any thoughts??

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I've never tried but my gut tells me the steel would get way too hot.   I suppose there are a lot of variables, how thick it is, how long it was heating up, how long you have the pizza in there, what style of pizza (neapolitan, NY, pub style, etc).  I'm sure you could get it working with some experimentation but I'd probably just stick with the stone as it would be more forgiving at those hight temperatures.


Take all this with a grain of salt though, every time I try using my do joe I feel like it's some kind of disaster.

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