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First pork ribs KJCI

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So I'm trying my first rack of ribs today, just a small rack, after all there is just me and the wife here. Also trying some new charcoal called "Expert Grill" I found at Walmart. Looks cheap and tacky on the outside but inside it looks great, I guess I'll see how it does.






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Also tried one of those KJ starter cubes.. worked ok I guess not sure if its any better than just my propane torch.  Put some hickory chunks in and one chunk of cherry to sweeten it up a bit, I'll let you know how it turns out later...



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3 minutes ago, JohnnyAppetizer said:

let us know how it goes. observations: too much wood, too big wood chunks, none buried down in the lump.

Doesn't seem like too much wood to me they are pretty small chunks, we will see how it tastes though. and whats the purpose of burying the wood down in the lump? I've not tried that.

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Well it turned out very good, right amount of smoke, I pulled it a bit early due to a big storm coming in (about 4 hrs at 250) so It could have been more tender but it was great none the less!! Some smoked green onions a salad and fresh cut fries.. we were very happy with the result.





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1 hour ago, len440 said:

Looks like a very good dinner and dessert. Like the patriotic  attire and you can watch the hummers zip to and from the feeder.

Yes, good dinner and desert thank you. Very patriotic and pro America here, the Red White and Blue abounds here! here's another view of my work area...




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5 minutes ago, BURGER MEISTER said:

Is that big red H in the field where you land the helicopter?:rofl:

Yes, as a matter of fact that is a landing pad for my drone!:good: And whats so dang funny?

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