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Q. about using Charcoal Basket

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I just got my Stainless Steel Charcoal Basket which makes for easier cleanup and I think will provide better airflow from the bottom. The basket also has a divide down the middle.


If I am cooking only a handful of things can I put charcoal only on half of the basket and then cook only over on that side?

Or will this lead to uneven heat in the Kamado?

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You definitely can put charcoal in only one side and it will work just fine.


However I tried it a couple of times and found it wasn't really worth it. You need a certain amount of heat to bring the Kamado up to any particular temperature and if you only have half as much fuel burning, it will take longer and reduce your burn time.


I found that the nature of being able to extinguish the coals in a Kamado and then reuse the remainders on your next cook meant that there just wasn't much point in only filling half of it.

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I do it all the time, whenever I want a concentrated fire for a small cook. It's convenient that the rest of the chamber remains cool(er), for 2-level cooking if desired, or a lower-temp bake. I use a heat deflector vertically if I don't want direct cooking on the cool side. Lots of options...

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