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Getting better with Pulled Pork


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The previous pulled pork I tried doing had a strong bad smoke taste. The wife would comment how even heating it in the microwave left a bad smoke smell for hours. I did have the fire go out overnight and then re adjusted it too high so temps were all over the place. Was 2- 6/7lb shoulders.

This time I cooked a ~7lb shoulder and think it came out really good. I salted and put in the fridge overnight then did a simple SPG with a small amount of Pork rub. Put it on early in the morning at 275 and temp crept up to around 300. Sprayed with water every hour. Pulled and FTC for 2.5 more hours. Unfortunately had to pull probably 20 mins before I wanted since I had to run out and it would have been too long. It was really tender and had the perfect subtle smoke taste. Didnt use any smoking wood.


What is everyone's favorite way to season pulled pork? I was surprised how much I liked the simple SPG. Does anyone use just SPG or just Pork Rub?

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Looks great! Funny - I’ve struggled with pulled pork. It’s always tender and juicy, but the flavor just seems off. Brisket is easier for me. My last pork butt turned out great, though. I used a salt and pepper rub and a mop from KamadoMax, which was a heavy apple cider vinegar, east Carolina recipe. Best pulled pork I’ve cooked! Served with John Setzler’s dizzy pineapple, which is great with pork. For my taste, the vinegar-based Caroline-style works best for me.

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@jark87I tried to keep this simple and let the pork taste come through and really focus on the temps and not letting the fire smother for that bad taste. Tried going with the "Hot and Fast" vs low and slow and not upset with the tenderness at all.

That sounds great! If you have the Carolina recipe I'd like to try it out and I will have to try out that Dizzy Pineapple too.

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Back when I was a young lad,  wayyyy back like ten years ago on this site. Someone posted a simple pork rub.  I have been making and using it ever since.  I make a triple batch which pretty much fills a mason jar.  I use it liberally to coat and freeze the rest for the next cook or two.  I have used it on shoulders, tenderloins and even hamburgers when the curiosity hit.


BASIC PORK RUB (Kamado Guru .com)


4 t seasoned salt 

2 t dark brown sugar

1 1/2 t regular granulated sugar

2 t paprika.

1 t cayenne pepper. (I replace with Tony Chachere's)

1/4 t garlic powder.

1/4 t ground black pepper.

1/4 t ground dry mustard.

1/4 ground cumin.

1/4 t ground ginger.

pinch of cinnamon



1. Whiz together in Blender,  use immediately.

2. Leftovers go in sealed container in Freezer for 1-2 months.


Note that I indicate “t” rather than teaspoon or tablespoon.  In this recipe, you can do a large batch (tablespoon) or small batch (teaspoon), your choice.  I coat generously, let rest for about an hour before putting on the heat.  The meat gets a nice reddish colour to it and tastes great.



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