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Bummer brisket

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This baby took 20 hours, one of my longest as it remained in the 180’s for what seemed like an eternity. It looks good, passed the fork test at 196 so I pulled it and rested it for a tad over an hour.  Cut up beautifully, with my smoke ring, but it just tasted off.  This is where I’m gonna have to sauce it up. I expected a bit more. 
Funny how each brisket has its own personality. 

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I was using a batch of apple that has no taste at all.  Beef taste, yep I am just not thrilled.  Got a follow up question getting ready to post, asking for opinions.

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I agree with Ginger Ale. Oak seems to work great with brisket. I use apple mostly for poultry or maybe with pork but then I always add some pecan. I have used hickory with brisket and it turned out really good, but you can overdo it with hickory so tread lightly!

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