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Father’s Day Briskets

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I’ve really been fortunate of late. I found a brisket on clearance @ RD for about $2 per all told and these two when they’re $5 and up @ both Rd and Costco. 


Going to bed with temps unfortunately fluctuating. I’ll hash it out in the am. 



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oops, thought i hit submit on that @4am. anyway, just woke up and must have been cooking in the 290’s or better. Both ready to pull. And the cardboard Is A Thing with me from now on. Resting before the hold so the temp drops considerably. 




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Gratuitously stolen from another web site...


 Cook on cardboard: The bottom of a packer brisket is lean meat from the flat and it sometimes becomes burned or tough during the 15 hours it takes to smoke a brisket. Hometown’s Billy Durney has an ingenious solution: he cooks the briskets on rectangles of cardboard (perforated with a knife beforehand to allow the smoke to reach the meat). “This keeps the bottoms from drying it, and it also facilitates moving the briskets from smoker to warming box.

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4 hours ago, KismetKamado said:

What’s the deal with the cardboard, @CentralTexBBQ?


It is to protect the flat and bottom of brisket but no concern about 15 hours.  A 15hr cook equals at least five hours I could have spent doing something else.


Anyway, it originated on brick pits where they were cooking directly over coals. I am adopting it because i tend to cook fairly large briskets and even though both of these were smaller, they nevertheless were extremely long and very close to overhanging the grill grate. 

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