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Deal on $700 Free Shipping 18” Kamado grill with stand

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I wouldn't touch that web site with a 10 foot pole and someone else's credit card.

  • Newly registered site
  • Prices are too sweet.
  • No conversion from multiple currencies (Price stays the same, offers international shipping)
  • Company is registered as a "home based business" in Elk Grove CA.
  • This Linkedin profile of the "Partner" does not build confidence: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bobby-pattillo-081b8832/


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My concern is that if you spend money on those, you're just going to be fighting your credit card company to return your money after it is stolen.    There are a lot of these fake sites popping up.  Blackstone actually posted info on their own site warning customers it's gotten so bad.  There was another thread here a couple months back about someone who discovered after the order that it was a scam site and had to fight for the chargeback with their credit card company,.

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14 hours ago, Bobby said:

I’ll get both to see if there is a difference from the one at Lowe’s expect they charge for shipping and don’t deliver this for free 

there’s a smaller one I’ll get it too for camping  a 13” for $274 on the site 13” Kamado $274 Free Shipping


A few days ago Walmart was selling the 13.5" Kamado Joe for $299.  It is worth it to keep an eye on it.


Also, compared to the $700 listed, the LG one from Costco may be a better deal.

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