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Does this configuration make sense?


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I have a large BGE and also the following accessories:


- PS Woo to raise the grate to felt line, the expander and the upper grid.

- Spider Ring

- Pair of half stones that makes a 16" deflector

- A 13" pizza stone

- 16" round drip pan


I usually cook at the felt line for the main protein and then use the upper rack to cook veggies like corn or stir fry.  Or small racks of ribs.  Nothing too high like a pork shoulder since it will touch the dome.  I also put the spider's legs in the fire ring gaps but turn it up so the deflector is higher.


Thinking ahead when I want to do a larger cook, such as a brisket and a pork shoulder because they can be cook at the same temp at similar duration. 


If I fill the the grill with lump to the top of the fire box (KAB full), can I do the following:


- put spider in the same spot but with the ring flipped so the deflector is lower, and use the 13" pizza stone as deflector as the 15" won't leave much gap for heat to go up.

- cooking grate on the fire ring as OEM set up.

- Put expander and upper grate.

- Put the drip pan at the upper grate, then small circular cooling rack in it to put the pork shoulder in. 


My question is whether this will make the deflector too close to the heat source.  Also this will aloow me to use a rib rack to cook ribs vertically on the upper lever in the configuration the ribs would be touching


I guess I should have bought the large adjustable rig from the get go but thinking that this might work too.





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Pictures is the gap with the half stone and the pizza stone.  Is gap with the half stone too small, or the gap with the pizza stone too wide in this configuration.  I think the distance to the heat source is ok as this is similar to the conveggtor set up.



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Sounds like what your concerned about is the 15* deflector and if it will allow heat to pass and not overheat your fire box. I think for the low and slow and moderate heat cooks you mention the 15 in the second position will be fine. Now if you are doing a high heat pizza cook I would suggest a stack of two 14 inch stones separated by an air space. and set with with the spider legs down and not in the notches. 

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