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Nebraskan here, new to Ceramic Cookers


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Hello All!  My name is Woody, and I have just purchased my first ceramic cooker.


This forum helped me learn about who might have made Snap-On branded cooker (likely a Brinkman knockoff of a Vision), and has really got me chomping at the bit to get cooking with it!  Unfortunately, the thing is absolutely filthy on the inside and the lid is mis-aligned (but the cart is solid, and probably just about worth the $200 I put down on the whole rig).  So, I've been spending some time getting the lid mating surfaces cleaned up to accept a new gasket, and will then tackle the alignment issue.  After that I will do a clean burn in to get my ceramics clean again.  And then... probably do some chicken, then some ribs, and then a chuck roast :) 


I have 10 or so years of experience cooking in cast iron and over hibachi style grills.  I'm really hoping to learn and have success with low-and-slow cooking, and also pizza baking.  I'm so very much looking forward to the road ahead, and being involved with this forum.


Thanks for reading, and for having me :)


[I haven't dealt with them yet, but other users on this forum have purchased things from The Ceramic Grill Store, from the options available for the Vision Classic B.  After I get a few cooks behind me, I'll decide if I want new toys for the inside.]


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