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Summit hinge


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Just had a new summit delivered to replace a cracked ceramic kamado. I've only managed one cook on it so far. 


Does the hinge mechanism loosen up a little with use? I'm finding it really stiff (to the point where I'm lifting the grill up when trying to open the lid). I can't see anything in the manual about adjusting the tension.


Has anyone had this problem and either found it fixed it's self, or had to adjust the hinge?


Thanks for any help!



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I'm assuming you mean a Summit Kamado S6 or E6?   I have an S6, and no, the hinge was not like that at any point.  It sounds like it was assembled incorrectly or perhaps damaged/bent?


Mine holds it's own weight, but just perfectly balanced.


IMPORTANT:  Hinge is under a lot of spring tension so can be dangerous.   Before you loosen anything or try to adjust, make sure you carefully read the manual about the hinge.  There are a couple bolts that are designed to hold the tension if you need to loosen it anywhere from the lid or band.  i.e. Hinge closed - bolts are inserted which holds it clamped closed, then you can remove/adjust the other bolts etc.


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Thanks for the reply, I've got an E6.


I think I will get on to Weber before fiddling with the hinge.


It's usable currently but way harder to lift than I feel it should be. The lid holds itself in any position, but takes a lot of muscle to lift the first bit. I was hoping it would be something that just settles down quite quickly but it sounds like it's probably over tensioned.

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