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Joetisserie Temp Probe Placement - Need Help

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Hey guys,


I just got a Joetisserie / Napoleon basket and did a batch of wings...good lord, those are good. My only problem is that I use a temp controller and the only way I could use the pit probe today was dangling through the top hole. This worked but it wasn't very repeatable or exact (since I couldn't really see where it was dangling or if it was touching sides, etc). 


How do you guys approach this issue? I've heard of brackets or hanging it off the inside temp probe but how are you doing that? Is there some special mount that I need?


Any info would be appreciated. Thanks so much!

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I took some of these and drilled holes in them for afixing to the dome thermometer probe and ran the auxiliary probe through the top vent and mounted it along the dome probe.  Was within 2-3 degrees of dome probe.  


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I don't use a controller that much but I can see what your getting at. There was some posts where they ran the probe down the top vent and clipped it to the dome thermometer. This would give you the repeatable readings your looking for.

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