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First pizza...


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Now this will be my first from scratch pizza cook anytime, anywhere , using any cooking device!! Oh, wish me luck!


My daughter and her husband had a pizza party a while back with their BGE and a gas BBQ range, too many people for just one cooking device, anyway, her crusts turned out real good so I got a recipe from her that she got from Bobby Flay so I thought I'd start there. First dough try was a disaster had to toss it as it was more like pancake batter, I know what I did wrong and fixed it and the second one is in the oven rising as I type.

In the meantime I got my Kamado Joe ready to go, using some RO non-lump charcoal just to get rid of it I figure with a hot fast cook it should work. Had to track down some spacers to go between the heat deflectors and the pizza stone so I got some stuff to use out of the garage (what do you guys use for this?) gives me about a 1/2-3/4" space between the two well see how it does...

I'll check back later as the cook moves along...

Tips and/or pointers anyone?

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So for my spacers I did have some conduit mounting straps but I wasn't sure on the coating on them , galvanized or something, so I took those off and I had some clay sewer pipe pieces (new and unused) so I broke one up and will use those for my spacers.






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Ok, it turned out ok, kept trying to get the crust crustier which got the top a little overdone but not bad and it was delicious. so I need to work on the crust. And I do think maybe I was a little bit in a hurry to get it on , had time constraints, and maybe didn't let that pizza stone get hot enough, I'll take its temp before starting next time. Dome temp was about 600.

Heres a couple pics..





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12 minutes ago, SmallBBQr said:

Pizza looks delicious, but please replace those spacers with something non-galvanized.  Galvanized steel at high temps gives off Zinc which is highly toxic to breath in, and I certainly would not want my food near contact with it.

Agreed, And if you look above at post 2 I did exactly that.. And I traded them out for some broken clay tile pieces before the cook because I was worried about exactly that.. the galvanized and food thing. But thanks. 

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