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(second cook) Indirect Chicken at 400F, with veggies - passable results

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We did a pair of half chickens over a pan of veg (red/yellow new potatoes, carrots, mushroom, OO, fresh thyme). 400F, indirect (using the 3-legged deflector thing) and raised (with bricks), 95 mins for the chicken - Skin needed to be more crispy, but meat had a wood-fired taste. Gave veg an extra 30 mins, but was still kinda firm in texture (wife and I would both have liked them *just* slightly softer). A small bit of chicken broth or other liquid (beer?) will be in our next attempt.

We used a "Famous Dave's" rub on the chicken (held in fridge for 4 hrs).  Mopped every 10 mins with a white vinegar, S&P, red pepper flake, jalp and onion mop sauce (this is what makes this my absolute favorite chicken!). Veg featured an "Ozark Seasoning" from a spice box from Penzeys's we were gifted, and some fresh squeezed lemon juice.

I'd say 6.85 out of 10. Room for improvement - but the bones of this dish are good. I think we're both excited about learning how to employ the kamado to make yummy food.







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