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New Guy with no home


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I’m Taylor and have read quite a few things from this forum in the past and figured it would be great to finally hop on. Ive read a few forums about temp and smoke color control to the story about a guy repairing a komodo kamado that had been beat by a hammer. So I’m sure there’s a ton of great stuff and I have a few questions that I’ll start up. Ive entered the Kamado scene within the last year and a half and so far Ive had three Weber kettles, a medium egg, xl primo, vision, pit boss, two kamado joe II’s, a kamado joe jumbo joe III, a Traeger and a few other things along the way. I never hold onto anything for long haha. I’m currently looking for a Komodo kamado, so if you’re selling one let me know! I’m all over the place living wise, but currently in Chelmsford, MA but spend most of the year in Utah and head out to Sacramento quite a bit. I’m also looking to meet up with people of the same interests. My other hobby is cars. Especially, Mercedes Unimogs. 




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20 hours ago, Gasburner said:

@TKOBBQNow that's nice. I might have to swing by and check that out. Especially how you made that custom bed. Did you go with stazwork double bead lock wheels?

Sorry it's not mine, I saw it at the OC cruise in MD and took some pics because I thought it was neat.  When you mentioned them in your post I thought I'd share the pictures with you. 

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