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Pork butt smoke time with foil

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I've searched this site for the answer, but came up with varying results. I plan on smoking 2 8 lb butts. Most say to allow 1.5-2 hours/lb time. However, most of those people do not mention that they foil 4-5 hours in, as I plan to. 

Is the 1.5-2 hour/lb estimate correct for foiling? A lot of the YouTube videos that are foiling say to allow 1 hour/lb. Which time is correct? 


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I plan for 1-1/2 hrs per pound and never, ever foil a pork shoulder.  I do inject apple juice prior to going onto the heat. I have done three 8 pounders on my Akorn at a time with great results.  BTW - I try to leave 2+ hrs of resting time in the cooler.  If I need an extra hour or so on the heat, I doesn’t let down my dinner guests.



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I foil after 3 hours (150ish IT) in a pan to catch the juice. Usually takes 5.5-6 hours to probe tender then 1–2-3 hours rest in cooler wrapped in foil and towels. 

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