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Accessories question 15” Lifesmart


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88C0EC20-4D27-4D51-9295-02DD98A6D038.thumb.jpeg.ee7cca5a96f864314ea626a6862d3bc1.jpegGood day all. I have a 15” life smart Kamado I just purchased. I’m very impressed so far with the quality and price. Wanted to get a nice starter kamado before I go dropping heavy Kamado prices. Any advice on acessories that are compatible with this peticular model? 13” cook surface 


I would like a better diffuser plate and something to adjust the height so I can add a drip pan. 
not sure if anyone on here has any experience with these and some of the options that work for them.


thanks all! Happy grilling!  

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Nice looking Kamado. I have a Kamado with a 13" dia. grate and have used this from Lodge

as a heat deflector.


It works great and has a lip on it to catch any drippings. I don't know what the

inside of your Kamado looks like so can't comment on what to use for holding the

deflector or adjusting the height.


Edit: More info. You might also check into Kiln Shops and see what they have to

offer in round shapes. Kiln suppliers have all sorts of hi temp ceramic discs that might

fit your needs.

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