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My try at cold smoking…

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I recently noticed someone here who joined up a Kamado jr. with a full sized one to make a temporary cold smoke system for trout and salmon.  My wife has been pushing me to do some fish for her and brought home two nice rainbow fillets this week.  

I ran out to the local orange box store and bought a short length of flexible vent pipe and away I went, jerry rigging a system and getting ready for today.  I made a brown sugar and kosher salt brine this morning, and fired up the smokers at lunch time.  The fish has now been on for three hours and the smell of cherry wood and alder smoke has been great.  I do have one concern.  I put a temp probe on the cooking grate and it has been hovering around 110-115 degrees.  

is this TOO LOW?  If so, what can I do to correct this?  The fire box and the ash pan are out of the large Akorn and the dome temp on the jr. is at about 550 degrees.  Any opinions?




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Cold smoking temps are usually done at about 80 Deg. F so your temp is actually a bit high.

One thing you could do is put a dish of ice under the fish, with the fish about an inch above

the ice to provide a cooler zone.  Cold smoked fish is a favorite of mine on a bagel with a

smear of cream cheese and some capers. Let us know how they turns out. You might also

throttle the Jr. down to a lower temp.

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From this site...


Scroll down to "How to Smoke Salmon" where it states

that about 5 hours or 15 - 20% weight loss should be

about right for their example. I'd guess that it depends

on how thick or large your salmon pieces are. Other sites

I searched recommend 3 to 5 hours. but still others

say up to 12 hours. Guess it depends on how much smoke

you want on the final product.


Smoking at a higher temp may cook the fish rather than

just smoke it. Since your temp is / was a bit higher, the cook

time may be less.

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Well, we ended up with some major storms rolling through last night and everything got drenched including the Akorns.  I moved them back inside the opening of my garage, but I noticed later on that the floor was wet almost 8 feet in.  A very angular rain.  

I finally gave up just before 11pm. That was after I cleaned up the wet basement floor… which is another story.


The fish was wrapped and put in the fridge overnight.  To my eye, it appeared uncooked.  I am actually hesitant to consume it.  After some more cleanup today I will pull it out and try slicing it to inspect further.


@K_sqrd. I will give that article a good once over and try again in a few weeks!  Thanks for the assist.



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