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Artisan Pizza Oven - for camping.


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Long time no post but I haven't had anything exciting to post and I've been busy at work. Figured this was exciting enough to post. 


CampChef Pz60 Artisan Outdoor Oven. 


Big box. Almost fully assembled. 






It has a fairly nice pizza stone 26" x 13" x 1/2"



In CampChef fashion it has a pyramid style bottom with holes to help evenly distribute the heat across the stone. There is also holes towards the ends that allow heat to go around the stone to heat the dome. 




This fits my 2 burner CampChef Explorer. 



This was supposed to deliver next week but when we got home from work yesterday it was sitting on the porch. Threw it in the truck and off to a local State park for the 4th of July weekend. Will run up to the the store today and get some supplies to make a couple of pizzas for lunch tomorrow. 


Will post some action pictures hopefully tomorrow. 


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Wow, congrats on your new product. I wish to have great and delicious pizza with this. What about the price of this product? Would you also share your experience with this gas pizza oven? I'm searching to buy a new gas pizza oven for me. So, it will be really helpful if you share your experience with this product.

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