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Wrapping up a good day....

John Setzler

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A big amen John great end to a good day. Once our brains make the transition from drinking for effect or to party, to noticing what we are drinking and enjoying the flavor of bourbon. Cheers

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12 hours ago, SmallBBQr said:

You've perhaps set the baseline a little too high for some of us to play in the same game John....I'm going to assume you enjoyed?


I got lucky finding this one.  I did enjoy this.  It is my first bottle of anything from that grain bill at Buffalo Trace.  I definitely like the grain bill #1 stuff from them because I do prefer the sweeter bourbons.  


For what it's worth, If I could ONLY get Jack Daniels Single Barrel Select, I'd be perfectly happy with that.  And I can ALWAYS get that.  I have never seen an empty spot on the shelf where that sits.


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