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Another serious pursuit


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Shortly after the Covid pandemic hit, even though I had never painted or had any art classes,  I started painting rocks and leaving them around the neighborhood, in hopes of maybe  lifting my neighbors spirits when they found them.  I started with cartoony images and posive statements, I picked up river rocks at a local landscape yard for $3.00 a 5 gal bucket and have continued painting, even as the Covid threat has diminished. I put an art table in the garage, and usually spend some portion of the day out there painting. I started off painting simple images and then the  birds and animals I saw  on our property behind the house. Probably due to the south western heritage of where we live,  lately, I have been painting old historical black and white photos of Indian chefs. Here's one I painted  of an old man wrapped in a blanket in black and white to match the historical  photo.I am finding that Painting is  a lot like kamado cooking, in that, the more you do it the more you learn and the better and more confident you get. You can't eat the paintings, but making them certainly gives me a "pleasure in the process"  similar what I feel when cooking on my Egg. 



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15 hours ago, daninpd said:

Really well done.  C'mon, where's your website?  Post your prices.  I want to buy #3 (vertical stripe war paint).  Good job!

Thank you very much,  I actually gave #3 to my barber who has a western themed shop, because she really liked it and thought it would add to her space. . As far as selling art, I have had a number of inquiries, but I don't really understand artistic property laws very well. I know I can paint  images in the public domain for my own pleasure, but when I market my paintings of them ,  I am thinking that's  different ball game. You know, stuff like who actually owns the picture I used as a subject for my painting, etc.  Also I don't really want this to become a job or something I have to do. I just want to paint what I want when I want to.  I leave paintings hidden around town, on trails, and such just to give people enjoyment

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