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My First Pork Shoulder

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We were hosting our village wine tasting group on Saturday so I decided to go for pulled pork to help feed the 16 members. Slightly daunting but with the comfort of John Setzler's Book of Knowledge to hand i gave it a go. Started with a 10lb pork shoulder from our excellent local butcher, trimmed about 1lb of fat and dry cured it for 12 hours. I then made up some of Meathead's Memphis Dust rub and covered the joint in it. Started the KJ Classic at 7pm with a full bowl of KJ Big Block and three large chunks of pecan. Meat went on at 8:30pm at 225F monitored by the Flame Boss. Back up at 7am I was delighted to find the FB had maintained the temperature perfectly and the internal meat temp was 160F so I upped the pit temp to 250F. As we were due to eat at 1pm my wife went into 'cat about to give birth mode' despite my continued reassurance of "John says ..." and "John's got my back". Meat hit 174F at 10am  and I wrapped it in foil until it reached 203F at 11am with perfect probe tenderness. Into the coolbox for an hour fifteen and then pulled it.  


Cooked to perfection and superb flavours enjoyed by all. Much wine was tasted and the last guests left at 11:30pm, a full 11 hours later! Many thanks to John for the inspiration. Forget the 'Texas Crutch', you need the 'Setzler Crutch' for success!




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Don't keep us hanging how many kittens ? Nice pulled pork and party crowd It is soooo nice when the plan comes together. John doesn't get enough thanks for his book it helped me a lot when i first got my Kamado. 

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The bark and surface was a lot better than when I took the photo. As soon as I lifted it out of the cool box the pork started to fall apart it was so tender. I tried to reassemble it for the photo opportunity. Here it is being bear claw pulled and so juicy and moist:



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