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Thawed brisket safety question

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Bought a 13 lb USDA Prime brisket 5 months ago in cryovac from Costco because of ridiculous price.  Froze it as soon as I got home.  I took it out to thaw on Sunday (6 days before the planned cook) because I figured it would take 3-4 days to thaw.  It actually thawed in 2 days, so it's just sitting in the cryovac soaked in myoglobin now.  


The question is - if it's been fully thawed for 4.5 days prior to the cook (but still in cryovac), should it still be good?  The amount of myoglobin is more than I've ever seen in a fresh brisket, but I suppose that's normal for a thawed one since it's naturally going to lose water (which will just be injected back in anyway.)


If it's not good, will it be blatantly obvious (i.e. I'll vomit all over the place as soon as I open the cryovac)?  I know that cryovac can cause other types of meat to have funky smells even though they're still good, but I don't have experience with brisket sitting in the fridge for this long (it's also the first brisket I've ever froze then thawed.)

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My Dad was a  graduate in Animal Science and always said "You can eat pork that will kill you but can't get beef that will past your nose".  Not exact science but a basic guideline.  And a lot of the basis for all of the Kosher/Halal rules.

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