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Kamado Big Joe availability is delayed

David Godden

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New member to the forum and I have been spending a lot of time learning about Kamado style cooking. I went down to the BBQ Galore here in Pasadena where they told me that the Big Joe did not ship as planned and was not on the container which was scheduled to arrive this week. Possibly another 8-12 weeks before delivery of the Kamado Big Joe III. Yikes!!!


The entire summer will be toast gone kaput in the bank gone girl. So, what to do. My older gas grill is dead so I am without a BBQ fix.


The Kamado Joe Jr is available locally so I have been thinking of getting it for use now during the summer while I am waiting for the Big Joe III. Having both the Jr and the Big Joe seams like the best of both ends of the Kamado Joe line from what I have seen in YouTube. I'm a YouTube sucker so please forgive my ignorance.


The Kamado Joe Classic III is available now but at this point I would prefer to wait for the Big Joe. It is disappointing having to wait.


I am wondering what the wisdom of the forum has to say about my situation here.


Thank you for your thoughtful consideration.





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I have a Big Joe, a Classic and a Junior.  The only time I use the Junior is when I have to, and then only for grilling.  I have a more difficult time controlling the temps on the Junior for low/slow smoking and I don't feel I am using much, if any, more charcoal on the larger grills when grilling.

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    • By noka
      Hi everyone.  I've just bought a Kamado Joe Junior and from I what I understand,  it's worthwhile to get a Kick Ash Basket or equivalent for it.  What are my options?  Is my only option the 'junior' made by Kick Ash?  I'm finding it hard to source one.  Thanks for any tips!
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      I have done NY style crusts successfully recently but really wanted to try my hand at achieving a Neapolitan style pizza. 
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      10” stone + 1” ceramic spacers (3) atop the KJ deflector. KJ big block and Togo premium as full as I could get it safely. 
      The recipe calls all’s for a surface temp of 600° and that’s most likely accurate. My first pie was a bit over cooked but still good at a surface temp of around 650°. After getting the temp down closer to 600°, they did much better. I did a Canadian bacon/shredded Italian cheese mix for my two boys, a traditional mozzarella/basil for me, and a pesto/goat cheese for my wife. Everybody was happy.  Anyway, here they are:





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      Had and idea for a different take on pork belly burned ends on the weekend. 
      Spun the belly on my KJ Jr Rotisserie 

      Once I had my crackle I removed the belly and reconfigured my jr. separated the crackle from the belly, set crackle aside and dice the belly into cubes. Put the belly into a pan with some gingerbeer and apple juice and put it back on the Jr, indirect covered in foil. 

      chooped the crackle into a rustic crumb and added some garlic chives. 

      Very happy with the result. My idea for the next one is the same process but with Asian flavours. 
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      I'm pround to be an owner of a brandnew Joe Jr. The challange startes now with an Enders Monroe gasgrill and an Davy Crockett pelletgrill.
      Lets have a look whats happened.
    • By HokieOC
      I’m in Greensboro at the inlaws for the holidays. The local Costco has Kamado Joes for sale. I have a classic that I’ve had since September and love, and have been kicking around the idea of getting a Joe Jr. for both supplemental cooking at home, and taking on the road—beach, camping etc
      the costco price is $100 less than what I’ve seen elsewhere. I can guess the responses I’ll get in this forum but just to make me feel better about justifying it....I kinda have to get the thing right? 
      Also for anyone who has traveled with one, are they semi-easy to transport for a long weekend to week long trip?
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