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Wrap or not? Hoping for quick input for those online now

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Cooking beef chuck ribs - dino bones. Never cooked them on the KJ before. It’s almost 3:30 and we have dinner guests arriving at 6, with dinner expected by 7 at the latest. Started cook at 8am, but hit the stall about 2 hours ago. Current meat temp is 177°, having risen only 2° in the past 2 hours. Should I wrap in butcher paper or hope to power through? Grate temp is 225°, dome temp is 240°.


Thanks for any help!

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No worries - I knew it was a long shot. I raised cooking temp by 10° and powered through, although I wrapped for the last 30 minutes because I thought they would never finish. Cooked for just over 10 hours and meat temp just got to 200°, but they probed so tender, I pulled them and then rested in the cooler for another 30 minutes, which probably got them up to at least 205°. They turned out fantastic!

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