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Miss the days when Brisket was a challenge

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I miss the good old days when brisket was a challenge.  I’ve mastered this cook.  

The bigger challenge involves thinking how to shake things-up.


What unique things are you guys doing to shake up your presentation.  What can be done aside from making brisket sandwiches.


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First of all, glad you've mastered it.


I choose approach food with a confidence that I can cook anything so I never viewed it as a challenge. I also choose not to mess with what I consider a winning formula. I hate quoting Aaron Franklin but he did ay something that impressed me. Basically that the backyard should be able to produce a better brisket than him because all of his focus is on one brisket, compared to the 10 or so Franklin's cooks per night. 


Not the answer you're looking for but he next challenge for me after several successful cooks of double briskets is to do so with three then four, then multiple cooks of multiple briskets per week, etc.

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I hear you! My greatest challenge with brisket is timing. I still haven’t cooked one on my KJ, but am starting to plan a pool party and brisket will be on the menu! 

While I’ve never changed the way I serve brisket, I do try to vary the sides from time to time. My wife once made a spicy Brazilian tomato slaw that was really good with brisket. Definitely different from the traditional baked beans or mac and cheese. Caprese salad works, too, especially with a good balsamic glaze. I’ve also served a diced grilled drunken pineapple and jalapeño mix, which was more of a topping than a side dish, but it was a hit. Glazed dill carrots… you get the picture.

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I use left over Brisket with Angel Hair pasta  and Sunday Gravy (New York / East Coast style home made Italian Red sauce) You can find a number of recipes on line. Anthony Bourdain has a really good one, his Grandma's recipe. (I like this version of it) The smokey savory flavor of brisket goes well with this deep rich, silky tomato sauce. 


I cook the sauce with a few slices of thick cut bacon (for the pork fat) and add shredded Brisket  ( I think the best flavor comes from using the burnt ends and shredded pieces with lots of bark.)about 30 minutes prior to serving. Comes out rich,  very flavorful, and completely  satisfying. Great on cold snow days.  PS. Gotta have some garlic bread on the side to sop up the gravy after the pasta is gone



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