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Crispy chicken skin

Random Pointer

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I grilled chicken thighs today, and the skin was crispier than usual.


Several weeks ago, I made Chinese roasted pork belly (siu yuk). If you search for crispy pork belly recipe, most of the recipe/video will tell you to poke the skin. The skin would blister, and very crispy. I tried without poking, and it did not work. The skin will blister better with more tiny holes.


I thought this may work with chicken. As usual, I left the chicken uncovered in the fridge, and used baking powder (Kenji Lopez's tips). This time, I poke the skin. It turned out well. I smoked slow at 230F, and then cranked it up to 400F, and do a very quick direct grill, just 15/20 seconds.


I am almost happy with the result, the chicken thighs were moist with crispy skin. I wish I poked it more.



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