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Boiled Ribs

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When I am in a pinch for time, this is my go to method. I use an 'instant pot'. The pressure cook setting for about 25-30 minutes is a cross between a steam and a boil. I finish them off on my Akorn and I have ribs in about an hour. They are marvelous and even look like the real deal.  Again, only when I am pressed for time do I use this (i.e. called on for a last minute party, quick mid-week dinner, event potluck, frozen ribs, etc.) As with John, "you would be hard pressed to tell the difference". I have passed them off as "authentic" to a lot of people. This method does take some trial and error time to get them down the way you prefer them.

Ribs seasoned with a dry rub and then curled around the inner pot of an instant pot pressure cooker. 

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11 minutes ago, NVRider said:

I use an 'instant pot'.

I've done that. At first just cause I wanted to use the insta- pot. Then for convenience,  bad weather, short notice....You can finish them under the broiler. You can dilute liquid smoke and brush them, or try commercial bbq sauce with hickory or some other smoke flavoring. 


BTW, I had a Butcher acquaintance who sold his bbq line at costco years ago. He was at the outer banks with our fishing crew, and cooked ribs. Considering our cottage's equipment, or lack of, he boiled the ribs and then baked or broiled, I don't recall which. He liked a little chew, not quite falling off the bone. He said he used the boil method regularly. 

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I am not sure about boiling but I will admit that I regularly peel the membrane, season well with rub, wrap tightly in foil and bake at 275 for about two hours before saucing and grilling lightly for a half hour on either the Akorn or Gasser.


This allows the meat to steam in it’s own juices and then the grilling allows the sauce to set up and char a bit.  

My wife will not typically order ribs when we are out, so they can’t be too bad!

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Ahhhh we are starting to see their is more than one way to skin a cat. (sorry for the old adage ) As long as we enjoy the ribs it doesn't matter how their cooked. I've done them every way mentioned here but the hot pot (I don't have one) and had no problem eating them. By the way Nice video John.

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