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2021 Summer Celebration

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July didn't start out very well for me. I decided to do a cleaning burn on my KJC July 2.  I had started the cleaning burn and then about an hour into the burn something made me look at the base of my KJ. Here is what I found:



I immediately shut down the fire and any plans to cook over the weekend. I still haven't ordered a warranty replacement since I'm not sure how I would get it from my driveway to the deck. I was also unsure of my ability to take the old top off and replace the bottom with the new one and reinstall the top. I also was unsure how long I would be without a grill before the replacement arrived. Therefore, I began researching alternatives. I was looking at possibly getting a Primo grill. I found two places near me that sold Primos. One had sold its last Primo and was going to start selling BGE's. The other place was closed on Sat, Sun, and Mon due to the July 4 holiday. I saw an ad for Ace Hardware, who offers free delivery and setup. I visited my Ace Hardware on July 5 and purchased a BGE, unfortunately they were unable to deliver it until July 15. Another week and a half without being able to grill. My wife commented that she didn't realize how dependent we were on the grill.


On July 15, I received my new grill and got it set up. I even paid the guys who delivered my new grill to move my KJ into the garage. I then began the process of getting the grill ready to use. This included taking the KAB and D&C from my KJ and putting it in the BGE. They fit like they were made for the egg.






Time to fire it up.



I did some different cooks to get used to how it handles and how to control the temperature on the new grill. Some of the cooks were hot dogs, cheese burgers and corn on the cob, and baby back ribs. I was at my local grocery store and they had some beef short ribs. I decided that this would be my cook for this challenge.



I seasoned up the ribs and then started the grill to cook them low and slow at 225. I was worried that I might have waited too long to start the ribs so that we could eat at a reasonable time.




 The grill held the temp nice and steady for the entire cook, which took about five hours.



This has been a long-winded post at the beginning, but I was celebrating my new grill and my first attempt at cooking full sized beef short ribs. The ribs came out great.

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4 hours ago, CentralTexBBQ said:

and thus ends the fellowship of the ring. :-D

congrats on the new BGE! So what's the plan on the KJ? 


Right now it is in the garage and the D&C rack is in the the BGE. If IO could work something out I might consider submitting a warranty claim and when I get the part, selling the ceramics to an interested party.

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I think you will like your BGE, as I certainly love mine. Great performance combined with outstanding customer service. The D&C looks like it fits perfectly in your Egg’s lower case. Only thing is that the dome tapper of the KJ ( which it is designed to fit) is shorter in stature and does not provide as much head room as the BGE. Hence the D&C rack sits much lower than the BGE can actually handle. With a rack designed for the BGE  like the CGS AR you could put multiple racks, pans, pizza stones, and such up into the dome 5 inches above the felt which takes advantage of the BGE’s headroom space. Of course a new rack is more money and you already have the D&C which is a great rack that can cook up a storm,

it’s just not as tall as you have room for.


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