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Tomahawks on the AKORN

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These were on sale for $15/lb. I had them on the AKORN with a few chunks of Hickory until they hit about 125 and moved them to my Weber gasser that was cranked up for a final sear. Pulled them at about 145 and let them sit for 10 minutes.  They were good but I'm still calling them a novelty...you're paying for a lot of bone.


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For "sear," I usually put my cast-iron skillet on my stove top, gradually crank it to "way up," add a small amount of (heat-proof ...) coconut oil, then drop the meat on.  In a matter of just a few minutes you get a very-reliable "sear."  (And you can actually do this before or after(!) the meat itself is cooked.)


Once you're finished, put the skillet into your cool oven to return to room temperature naturally.


Many cuts of meat have "bones that you must pay for," but these Tomahawks certainly look delicious!

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