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Simple Celebration Steak Cook

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I joked earlier this month in the challenge discussion thread that I would have to quit my job in order to have something to celebrate, or the time to celebrate it for that matter.  I guess if I can’t celebrate quitting my job, I can celebrate still having it here 18 years later from when I started - surviving several major downturns along the way - and last years shop shut down as well.  

Had a simple, but very late night cook on Saturday night before an 8 hour trek on Sunday to spend this week working from North Dakota. Figured it was do or die time if I was going to get a cook in.  Nothing wrong with eating at 10 pm, right?


Fired up the Big Joe since we are in summer season and hang out on the lower patio. 



Some simple roasted potatoes going on. 



Added some green beans once they started getting closer to being done. 



Then a couple of steaks going on.  



The husbands plate.  I wasn’t really thinking and didn’t snap a picture of mine. 


Figured I would let the Big Joe burn off overnight so I could thoroughly clean it in the morning before heading out.  Underestimated the amount of coal and vent settings and throttled it back too much.  It was still cruising around 250 when I got up. Oh well, at least I’ll have a project to do when I get home this weekend.  

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