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Pizza: use both deflector and pizza stone on Akorn?

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Hello Gurus - I'm a relative newbie to Kamodo cooking, with a few pizzas and cooks under my belt.  Planning on making pizzas tonight at high temps (700ish), and I've got the poor-man's Kamodo, aka the Char-broil Akorn without the ability to raise/lower the grates (although I've seen the accessory for it).  I also don't have any firebricks (yet).  


I've got both a pizza stone (that's good at high temps so far) and the heat deflector.  Should I use both?  I've had good success so far (see pic below) with just using the pizza stone, but am wondering if I should try the deflector + stone tonight.  I suppose I could always start with the deflector, then remove it and check the difference, but I might get in trouble with the fam for another 2.5hour meal prep time. I think that ideally I'd probably put the deflector on top of the cooking grates, top with a few firebricks, with the stone on top to both shield it from direct heat & raise the cooking location for better top radiant heat.  


Thoughts?  I've seen the advice on "this is why your pizza failed" already .. 

IMG_9754 (1).png

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1 hour ago, BURGER MEISTER said:

Yeh, both stones and something in between to create an air gap.  Keeps the crust from burning.

I'm thinking of putting the deflector on top of the grates, then bricks, topped with the pizza stone.  That creates the airgap, right?  Or are you suggesting something else?  And what's the ideal air gap?  Pretty small I'd think?  I just cart-ed some thin bricks on Amazon. 

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