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Summer Celebration - Grilled Chicken and Cheesy Hasselback Potatoes

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Last August my oldest daughter, her boyfriend and their dog piled into their Honda CRV to drive across the country to Philomath Oregon, where she is in grad school at OSU, probably for the next 5 years or so (PharmD program). We didn't know when we would see her again, first Thanksgiving came and went, then Christmas, and the pandemic not letting up.

Finally this month my wife and I and our youngest daughter flew over to Oregon. It was a wonderful 10 days, and every day was a celebration.


The last three months before she left, my daughter had taken 'lessons' from me for  on how to use the Akorn. How to light it, control the temps, etc. She wanted to learn how to cook all her favorite things that I cooked for her. Within three weeks of arrival last year she and her boyfriend were proud owners of an Akorn Kamodo, and have been using it several times a week since. So I planned to do this cook with her when we visited, a family favorite of grilled chicken thighs and cheesy hasselback potatoes (from John's Kamado Joe video )


We started off with the potatoes, as we wanted them on the grill for an hour before we put on the chicken. I'll refer you to John's video as it has more details. We loosely followed it with what we had (red and russet potatoes, heavy cream, lots of parmesan, cheddar, onion). We baked it in the pan we gave her at Christmas, she had wanted a nice ceramic pan just for the grill.

After an hour we took off the foil and put on the chicken thighs, dusted with her favorite rub, Tsunami Spin from Dizzy Pig.

Rounded things out with some green beans and sourdough bread.

Here is her grill setup, small deck with room for her grill and a potted garden:



Potatoes ready to go on:



Chicken ready to go (Cora approved of them):



Tending the grill:



Almost ready:



Table is set:



Dinner is served :)



Link to Johns You tube video



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