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Primo XL rotisserie


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Just went to a customer appreciation day at aquabbq.com yesterday and picked one up along with the tumble basket.

I'll also be picking up one of the new easy lift hinge kits.  They also have a new lower vent with numbers and a chimney cap that reminds me of the KJ style cap.







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Thanks Jack it was delicious.  I've been wanting a rotisserie for years and had always planned on trying to make one.  Had two rings cut several years ago and bought some flat steel but just never got around to it.  I heard they had one and found out they were on the market, went that weekend and got one.

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John I had the lid down on the cook and have only seen it demonstrated that way on videos I've seen about it.  I don't see anything that would prevent someone to cook with the lid open if they wanted to do it that way.

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On 8/19/2021 at 9:02 AM, philpom said:

Ugh, now I need to run over to CGS and see what they have.  I have also been planning for a few years to build one.


Meat looks great!

Check out the new hinge they have, I've already preordered the retrofit one the are coming out with for the grills with the straight ended straps.


Thanks we really enjoyed it.

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