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Pellet Joe Temp Ramp Up & Hot/cool spots on grill

William Griffon

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Seems that my Pellet Joe takes a LONG time to get up to temperature.  I have cleaned the firebox completely before each smoke/grill so there are no ashes near the heating element and I have used fresh pellets.


 Still seems like the time to come up to temperature.  Gets to 150f then seems to pause for a while before starting to climb again.  Does anyone have a "scale" at which temps should be reached?  (ie: 10 mins to 300, 15 mins to 400, etc)


Also, the heat deflector (very cheap I might add) seems to have several hot and cool spots?  Anyone have same issues and if so, and solutions?



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I haven't seen one of these so i can't comment too much   with them being a ceramic grill. You have about 150 lbs or so of ceramic to heat up, this will take a bit of time. The amount of pellets lit will have an effect on the time. On my classic II I wait about 45 min to an hour for it to reach 250 and to stabilize. Enough time for a cold one or a couple of fingers of bourbon (Makers Mark). Some use a chimney  to light the coals faster and to heat soak the ceramic faster. Hopefully some one with more knowledge will respond

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