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Kamado back in use, and new deck!

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I hadn't cooked on my Vision S-Series Professional in well over a year!  The cart got kind of sketchy and I was storing it in my garage between cooks, so I didn't want to roll it around and risk collapsing the cart and shattering my ceramic.  Unfortunately, and fortunately, the deck on my house started falling apart and we had to have it ripped off and replaced.  We decided to have it rebuilt larger, and enclosed!  I have a little area for my cooking hobby which I finally got set up this Friday.  Then yesterday (Sunday), I fired up the kamado and threw a chicken and some mac n' cheese on.  I'm looking forward to getting back into cooking on my kamado!




































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2 hours ago, A.O. said:

Yes, very nice indeed!   PBR?? I haven't had one of those in years... nice!!

I started drinking PBR in college when it was REALLY cheap and affordable.  I grew to like it! HAHAHAHA!

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17 minutes ago, GLOCKer said:

I started drinking PBR in college when it was REALLY cheap and affordable.  I grew to like it! HAHAHAHA!

I like it as well, drank a LOT of it in my youth too...


The wife likes Miller which works as well


Heck, WAY back when,  I mostly drank Schlitz... I was young and didn't know any better!:rofl:

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PBR is a fine, affordable domestic diversion! Makes great canned boat beer. 

Is that a turkey or chicken! 

Ah, steroids! No telling what they're doing to all of us! Huzzah for the Almighty dollar! 

Bomber to the new deck, BTW, it's awesome! I am sure you'll love it! 

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Here is an article I did on my past weekend's smoke on FoodTribe.  If you guys haven't heard of FoodTribe, it was started by the blokes formally of Top Gear - now of Grand Tour.  If you have the time, consider signing up and following me!  I actually get a couple of bucks each month from them to write articles.


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