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B & B Competition Char Logs


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I have been a big fan of B&B lump for some time now.  My local Ace Hardware always has B&B in stock, and the price is good.  A few weeks ago, they had a sale on B&B Competition Char Logs.  It was a 30 LB. bag for $19.99.  I could not pass up a good deal.  The Char Logs cook very well, and create a nice flavor, however they create a ton of ash.  I empty the ash tray after every cook, and when I finished the bag, I took the basket out of my KJ Classic III, and realized I needed to do a full scale ash cleaning.  It is crazy how much ash was created, but it did cook well.  Has anyone else experienced this?  I am thinking I will just go back to regular B&B lump.  I have a bag of it left in the garage, and unless I see a screaming deal on the Char Logs, that might be a one time experiment.

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Yup...briquettes, the manufactured char logs etc., all product a lot of ash.  If your grill doesn't have a good ash management system, it can block vents during cooking, or just create a bunch more work cleaning up.  Natural lump burns down more for sure.


I use both lump and briquettes quite often in my Weber Summit kamado, but the ash management is great on it...just slide the damper lever a few times and dump the ash bin.  Briquettes work amazing for producing a medium-high heat without going nuclear - old "kettle" style grilling.

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