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Outside Edge Cooking


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Funny how different things "work" for any particular person, but for me, this has got to be one of my favorite things that make me smile when cooking on the Weber Summit charcoal...cooking right up to the outside edge direct when using the upper charcoal grate.


I just dump (or light) a small amount of charcoal on in the charcoal basket sitting right on the upper charcoal grate, and sear away.  I used to try emulate this in my other kamados by raising the Kick Ash Basket higher up, but everything was still "center" to the grill and nothing would sear on the outside edges of the grate.  The summit provides an amazing amount of horizontal grilling space.  Haven't had the need yet, but I could probably grill/sear 20 steaks simultaneously like this if I used the whole top grate.



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