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Gyros Meat


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Gyros is a popular Greek "street food".  Normally it is made by impaling layers of spiced meat on a vertical skewer which is rotated in front of a heating element....... a vertical rotisserie.   For the rest of us, it can be done in a barbecue.   The trick is to cook it and slice off the cooked meat as it cooks.   I use ground meat and spices... fresh onion and garlic, garlic, rosemary, and oregano.    You can find suitable proportions on the internet.  I was gifted a bunch of elk burger, and I'm NOT fond of wild game........ I was raised on it.    Elk where I live are a nuisance pest like black flies!.  I do not feel that they have enough fat of a decent flavor to be worth the bother.   It's really about living out the hunter provider part of our nature IMHO.   I have killed many animals over the years and eaten them, but I prefer beef to almost anything else.  I mixed the ground elk with beef burger (high fat), and pork, added the spices and onion and garlic, and beat it in my Ninja blender  food processor until it was sticky.  Formed it into a loaf, and cooked it sous vide for an hour at 150F.  Drained off the liquid..........and gave it to the neighbor dogs. It then went into my mini Kamodo with some mesquite.  As one side browned, I thin sliced it off, and rotated it 90 or 180 deg.   A fairly rapid process.  I ended up with a nice container full of gyros meat.........Non "traditional", but delicious.  I made pita bread.......again you can find recipes online, and tzatziki sauce...... also simple.   I make gyros for lunch, steaming the meat, and pita, loaded with onions, tomatoes, and greens, and slathered in tzatziki........ dripping with goodness and loaded with flavor..... a great and disgustingly healthy lunch.

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