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First Kamado Joe - not impressed with quality control

Lenny S

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On 9/17/2021 at 10:17 AM, JohnnyAppetizer said:

? where did you buy it? Case for local retailer, don't accept it when they deliver. 


Mail order, they are going to refer you to KJ, the repair/spare parts are between you and KJ. Recently saw a post where a guy ordered from BBQ guys and their response was not our problem, call KJ.


Not saying all dealers are like that, but I see this response on more and more warranty issues with all kinds of products.

I know 2 years ago when I ordered Vision from HD, I was concerned about damage b4 or during shipping. Fortunately, all was well. 

I know this does not solve your problem, but it is something for future buyers to consider. Investigate your sellers service and return record.

It was an online order.  Unfortunately KJ's response was that they would fixt it if it breaks.

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On 9/16/2021 at 1:31 PM, T_om said:



Yep.  That is exactly what it looks like.  Either a reject sold anyway or Ray Charles is their QC inspector.


I would have taken it back personally.  Way too much money invested in these things to accept such a poor quality finish. 



It was an online order, and I didn't have time to open the box for 3-4 days... so, kinda stuck.

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On 9/18/2021 at 10:21 AM, len440 said:

Lenny have you contacted Kamado Joe about all of this? As far as quality what's happening now is what we went through in the 70s, Japan was sending a lot of cheap stuff here that was junk including cars. We stopped buying them and forced them to improve their quality, which they did. Unfortunately we 're not holding our friends in China to the same standards. Here our workers on piece work used to have bins next to them to discard bad pieces (they still got paid for them) and the good pieces are passed to the next station. I think china just uses all the pieces. Now this is from my short time in a factory long long time ago. The money we shell out for these grills we should get a quality product. I had a couple of claims with KJ and was treated very well. When I bought mine I had them open the box and inspected it ( they weren't too happy) but it is ceramic and it traveled a long way to get here. Please keep us updated 

I did contact them about the seam, which did no good at all, but I didn't know about the jacked up vent at the time.  I had not used it yet.

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I am super happy with my BJIII. I bought it online a little over a year ago. Took a few months to get. It was perfect except for the Kontrol Tower fitting loose. They sent me a new gasket, it took forever to get but I got it and now everything is just fine with it.


I bought the Joetessire for it and love that too. Wifey got me the cast iron grill/skillet for it my birthday. Also have the Ikamand, that thing needs some work, I rarely ever use it. Really dont need to anyway. I would not recommend that thing

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On 9/17/2021 at 11:02 AM, Gebo said:


My wife was watching the Fogo YouTube’s with me and said, “With all the trouble we’ve had with the KJ, why don’t you just sell it after it’s repaired and buy one of green ones.”   

i did have to “capture” the thought that went through my head. 



I would ask you the same question.  What is is about your Kamado Joe that makes you want to keep it rather than going with something else after all the trouble you have had?  


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She’s my virgin kamado. There’s a special bond she and I have.  That’s the emotional aspect. 

Logically speaking, KJ’s warranty has been fantastic. Slow on some things but fantastic overall.  

Plus I like you and your videos. May have a man crush.  

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