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Hello All! Checking in from SD


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  Hello all, this is Jeff and I just picked up an Akorn Jr in the last week and discovered this fine place soon after. Looking forward to many great meals for my wife and I as well as a few things for my coworkers. 


  My wife is a bit of a pescatarian so I'll be hunting through the site for fish, vegetarian, and vegan ideas. 


 That being said, the first cook will be a simple whole chicken for my coworkers and I. Should be lighting the fire in an hour or so.




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Welcome, Jeff. Glad to have you and your Akorn with us. Those little grills can cook up a storm . This is one of my very favorite fish dishes, best thing about it is my wife loves it. Fish Picatta over linguine. I add sun-dried tomatoes for color. If your interested I can give you the recipe for the sauce. Fish is a straight up easy cook, I pull mine at an IT of 120. Happy cooking. 


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To quote an SD icon, "That escalated quickly!"


5lb chicken done in an hour. Didn't quite expect that. 


  Dome temp for the hour warmup was saying 400. I've got a charbroil wireless temp gauge that was just sitting on the grate saying 460ish. Had the deflector plate in with a drip pan on top.

  Had the chicken on a soda can holder thing with just a a little water in the can. Chicken coated with only  grapeseed oil and salt and pepper.

  Once the chicken went in the dome temp held at 350 for the entire hour. Had one probe in the chicken and a second on the grate. The grate probe held 300 for the duration of the cook.

  In at 1100 and out at 1200. Checked the internal temps with two different thermometers. Both had 170+. Bird is currently sitting in a pan covered with foil. With be testing it shorty.

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Holy cow is that a juicy bird. 


  Skin seemed crispy when I brought it off the Akorn. Seems to have lost it during the 30 minutes of rest under aluminum foil. Not the end of the word though. 


 My wife's twin sister happens to be over and she seems a bit blown away by how moist and smokey sample was.


 Definitely a simple cook as intended but an eye opener none the less.



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Yeah, just something special about kamado chicken to be sure. Seems like 5+ Lbers are all you can find in most markets these days. I miss those little 2 1/2 lbers they used to have. My chickens take about an hour as well. I cook them at 375 and let the temp climb to 425 at the end of the cook. They come out about the same color and extremely moist. When you tented the chicken it was like putting it in a steam bath, and that is why the skin was soft. If you want it crisp you can put the chicken uncovered in the fridge for a couple hours before your cook to air dry, but even then if you tent it, the skin will probably soften up. In my book crisp skin only lasts a bite but moist chicken lasts the whole meal. I used to seek crispy skin, but not so much lately. Very nice cook, Sir. 

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