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Kamado Joe Soap Stone worth it?

Lenny S

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I've looked at the soapstone options over the years, but every time I bring out my 3/8" grilling steel, it chases any thoughts of adding to the accessories pile away.  It get's used for so many things, and completely indestructible - just seems a better investement to me.  While I have no direct experience to comment on your questions, from any picture/video I have ever seen, the sear on soapstone is no better than from any other searing surface. 

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I own one. Bought it on sale at Amazon. After initial testing, I still use it. It's not an every day accessory.  Four of my friends bought one. One uses his about like I do, one has never been used, one maybe once or twice. I saw a video, The stone stays hot, where other surfaces cool down so when you flip the meat it's not as hot. Of course you could flip and put on another area with those materials.

The thing is, if you get  pleasure out of using it, you enjoy getting it out and experimenting, it's worth it. Maybe you find a killer method for some particular recipe. 

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