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Smoking Wood


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Preferences for smoking wood chunks:  Kiln Dried or Non Kiln dried?


KJ II classic!  3 large 'post oak' chunks (wood rests on, bottom charcoal bucket), added 3 large KJ charcoal chunks & some smaller charcoal.

I dialed in 250F, about 1.5 hours, removed slo-roller, & observed all 'post oak' was consumed. 


Long cooks, adding wood chunks every hour or so is that the norm?


@Smokingdadbbq KJII classic slo-roller & lg smokeware drip pan, grill grates, sit on top & are free to move about.   

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I never add any additional smoking wood to my cook after I start.  You don't need to see visible smoke for it to be present in the smoker.  I can't imagine all your smoking wood being consumed that quickly unless you torched it when you lit the grill.  Wood chunks that have been smoldering in a smoker for a while look like charcoal.


As for the drying method, I don't think it matters as long as the wood is dry.

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Hi John,


I will replicate with pictures.  I did not torch it, temp never over 250F.  I find dialing in a temp & maintaining temp. Is pretty easy.


KJ2Classic - slo-roller assembled, somkeware lg drip pan, combination, leaves loose grill grates.  Dome closing can hit, grill grate.  I think this needs pic's as well, to see user error.



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I'm with John, I have never added more chunks during a cook. With a slo roller or head deflectors in place, and a big hunk of meat on the grill, that would sure be a hassle.


Kiln dried or not, I don't think it matters. I have a giant bag of wood that came straight off my aunt's apple trees that I use. :-D

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