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Hurricane Mode


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Congrats on surviving yet another big storm.  Even having been to LA five times in past and having been through an everyday storm (water above the floorboards of the car) I cannot comprehend what you go through with these.  Definitely reason to celebrate.


What is an “S.O.D. Team”?

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Looking good!  Glad you have power back. Hope you didn’t get too much damage. I bet Delacroix got torn up this time! Only flooding on local rivers here but 3 1/2 feet of mud is a bi**h to clean up. Labor Day weekend for sure, all 3 days. Keep up the good work!

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Erik A few comments

1: glad your power is back my heart and prayers go out to all effected by the hurricane.

2: Glad to see your Kamado is in use again

3:Somebody is looking for a treat.

4 I do support law enforcement

5: Your kamado looks good chugging away. 

6: hope your S.O.D. surprise went over big

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