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Pit Boss kamado K22


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Welcome, glad to have you and your Pit Boss with us. As to your question, I am not absolutely sure BUT; I used a Ceramic Grill Store (CGS)  AR, Spider Combo rack (which was designed to fit in a large BGE) in my Vision pro C. It fit absolutely perfectly and gave me plenty of head room, and proved to be  absolutely great gear. A Vision uses Chinese Ceramic Components made by Auplex just like Pit Boss does. So I am thinking the answer is that gear designed for a BGE May fit in your Pit Boss  as well




I started to wonder about this so I went to the CGS web site, they make gear to fit a Pit Boss 22 or 24. Their gear is based on the size of a BGE in the same size range. So I am guessing my answer was correct. I would give them a call at (940) 387-0100, the owner's name is Tom and he has helped me many times with grill sizes and what fits what. Their gear is amazing also, IMO better and thicker, higher grade stainless than anything made by any of the big 3 companies. 


Ps. If BGE size gear fits, so will KJ gear. The difference is that a BGE, Vision, and now it looks like your Pit Boss, has a higher dome tapper and more head room than the KJ which I learned from Tom is shorter and stockier in stature. KJ stuff will fit but won't give you as much heighth as the BGE size gear will. Hope this helps. 

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