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Need Advice Big Joe 1 vs Big Joe 2


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4 hours ago, Brick Pig said:

the BJ1 does have the divide & conquer system. 

At least for the BJ1 models currently for sale at Home Depot in the US, they not only have the (2-tier) divide and conquer (3-tier is only on the BJ3 and Classic 3), they also have the newer version of the firebox.  And though they don't have the newest version of the air assist hinge they do have a spring assist - which is some help.


Just happened to know this as I was making a similar decision on which version of the Classic to get, ended up ordering the v1.  Still waiting on it to come in, and buyer's remorse already hitting.  Not so much because of the gasket, hinge, or vent cap differences, but because I had to pay for a cart that will not be a long-term part of the setup, which I could have avoided by getting a stand-alone v2.    Long story, short point.  Everyone's different, hard to say what will work best for someone who is not you (or even for someone who is you :)

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Hey Phead. Big Joe 1 ia $2k Big Joe 2 is $3300 and Big Joe 3 is $4k....pretty expensive even with the exchange rate! $2k more for the 3 than the 1 and $700 more than the 2...and only real add on is the slo roller I think for the 3 and deeper firebox?

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20 hours ago, Ivanv said:

so in the same situation as you!

I'm feeling better about it, now that I've figured out I could stick a big potted plant in the cart once the Joe is built in.  Thinking that cart will be a nice place to plant some herbs to go with the barbeque.  Marjoram, savory, rosemary, thyme, dill, etc.  Parsley, chives, and basil already handy in main garden, just need to think what will be most used.    

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