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Crying Tiger Lettuce Cups

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I lived in Thailand a couple of years so I tend to cook a lot of Thai dishes.  "Crying Tiger" is one I have cooked before, but this recipe really shines if you marinate the beef for about an hour.  Usually served in a traditional style, this take is in a lettuce cup with a dab of rice to absorb the meat juices, a touch more of the marinade and some julienned carrots for crunch.  When I do it again I will add some lime sections for garnish to get a little extra squeeze of lime juice.  Finger food at it's finest from the grill.  Recipe:  https://www.weightwatchers.com/au/recipe/crying-tiger-lettuce-cups-1/56b79d80eeb7e01d6fe8e892






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1 hour ago, SmallBBQr said:

VERY nice...I would live to make this...do you have more specific instructions/recipe?

Clicking the link in my narrative will take you to the recipe.  I marinated the steak for longer than the recipe- 1 hour, and cooked it less than the recipe- 2-1/2 minutes per side for medium rare.  And friends from Thailand would be aghast at the thought of microwave rice, I used Basmati.

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