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Replaced my gasket with a mesh one....


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I have been getting a bit fed up with replacing gaskets on my Monolith Kamado. The stock black felt gasket didn't last very long as I did a super high heat pizza cook only a few weeks into ownership which fried it. I replaced that with a Nomex one which lasted pretty well, but eventually the heat got that too. I then replaced that with a spare OEM one I had and of course, during a cleaning burn a week or so ago, I left the grill unattended for too long (actually - overnight as I forgot about it because....wine) and......well, you know the story.


I had seen the mesh gaskets on the newer KJs and always thought they looked a better option. So after a bit of googling, I ordered a mesh gasket kit from here:




I thought the price was pretty good at £40 UK, compared to most of the mesh gasket kits for the big Kamados I had seen which were around £100 UK. Anyway, it arrived next day and today I had time to fit it.


I cleaned off all the old gasket material, gave the rim a good brush and then a light going over with a flap wheel on my Dremel and then cleaned it all with acetone. The new gasket went on really easy and even the joining was easy. The kit came with three joining strips, and three additional short strips of double sided adhesive so you can stick the joins to the rim after you have made them. I did make sure to use aircraft snips to cut the gasket with and that worked a treat.

I had always had problems with smoke leakage at the back of the grill with the old felt gaskets, but short of taking the whole hinge and band assembly apart I had never been able to quite resolve it with simple alignment. I think (hope) that this problem will now be gone as it looks like the mesh gasket has much more compression at the back of the grill. Certainly it passes the dollar bill test.


I had read here about using Permatex copper between the gasket and rim, but decided not to do that as I felt it would kind of act like lubricant between the glue on the gasket and the rim of the grill. Will I regret that decision? Who knows.


Anyway....new gasket now fitted and I am leaving it for 24 hours for the 3M 9448A adhesive to cure properly before firing it up. It definitely looks and feels like an upgrade to the old felt gaskets. The cook test will be soon enough.

I'm pretty pleased so far, both with the quality of the gasket kit, price and how easily it went on.





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:-) At the price I paid, I ordered a second gasket kit just to "have in" in case I hit trouble down the road.


First port of call, if it starts to come off, I will glue it back with Permatex. If that doesn't work I will install the spare with Permatex this time.

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